Paper Proofreading

Academic research papers and essays are an important part of educational degree. No degree is considered completed unless some research papers or research articles. Whether it is a school or university, research papers are considered a must in today’s education. But it is also important to submit it in correct and complete form to get good grades in the degree for which proofreading is essential.
Lots of people ask me to proofread my paper because they simply do not know anything about proofreading or what proofreading actually is. Well, professional proofreading is certainly not a child’s play and one has to have a complete knowledge about it before submitting their research papers in the departments, schools, colleges or universities.

What Is Paper Proofreading?

Professional paper proofreading is the final and ultimate step that should be taken before submitting any document and considering it a complete one. Paper proofreading is actually a deep and careful reading (which may involve rereading) of a document to identify any errors in grammar, spellings, punctuation and sentence structure.
Paper proofreading help usually involves checking of the structure of research papers including headings, subheadings, paragraphs, etc. Although the modern word processors are quite advance these days but still nothing can replace the human proofreading ability as it is indispensable.

Difference between Editing & Proofreading

People usually mistook paper proofreading with paper editing which is totally wrong. These are the two different concepts and is done differently. Editing means changing the text in the article or research paper in order to improve the overall flow of the piece of writing and to make the quality of writing better. When editing you have the ability to rewrite entire paragraphs according to your choice.
Whereas paper or essay proofreading means processing the final draft of the piece of paper after performing editing or any other technique. Any research paper, text or document is considered complete after proofreading to make sure that there is no error or typography mistake in the content.

Important Steps for Paper Proofreading

Paper proofreading is a comprehensive but long process which involves lots of steps but if you need to compile them in a few, here are 7 simple steps from paper proofreading services to follow for accurately and perfectly proofreading the research papers, text, documents, essays, emails and any other text:
Create A Checklist Подзаголовок параграфа
It is always good to create a list of important things to check for so that none of them gets missed. You can mention points in the list like arrangement of sentences, paragraph sequence, agreement of nouns, pronouns and verbs, etc.
Check Facts Подзаголовок параграфа
Check the facts, figures and names properly so that nothing left omitted. If there is something left that should be inserted, it is the right time to do so.
Check Spellings Подзаголовок параграфа
Before taking print outs of the document, it is good to check the spellings and common mistakes like the closing of quotation marks and end of parenthesis so that it does not remain left.
Read Aloud Подзаголовок параграфа
Reading the text would make it possible to identify any errors or misspelled or missing words along with repeated words which can give you the opportunity to correct those mistakes.
Focus On The Current Line Подзаголовок параграфа
It is a good practice to put ruler or a piece of paper on the line preceding the one that you are reading. This allows you to concentrate on the line you are currently at and not the other lines which can distract you from noticing the subtle errors.
Keep An Eye On The Format Подзаголовок параграфа
Custom paper proofreading means not only to checking the document for errors, it also means to keep an eye on the format of the document as well. Check the alignment, page numbers, header and footer, font sizes, text style and any other detail which is worth noticing in the research papers.
Proofread Again Подзаголовок параграфа
After proofreading the document once, check the article again so that in case you have missed anything it can be added or restored. Do not just spot check the text, rather give it a complete thoroughness again.

Importance of Paper Proofreading

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